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  1. Hi,

    I'm just wondering how people manage to fit trading in with a full time job? I'm in the uk and sometimes get a spare hour in the afternoon to trade the US open, but the office is full of distractions and I'm constantly missing things...

    My only other option is to take a laptop to a coffee shop with with wifi and trade there, but I'd probably still be distracted. Any suggestions?

  2. One thought would be to trade international markets. Wake up a few hours earlier and trade Asian markets (assuming a normal 7/8 - 5 schedule).
  3. or trade the US close.

    I've done the coffee shop thing while traveling and it is tough to trade unless you just follow one market, and religiously follow some sort of system or setups. I am used to four monitors and CNBC in my office. When trading via a laptop, I only run one market (ES), and only a few charts and time frames. I miss a lot of stuff vs the office, but keeping it really simple is the only way one screen works for me.
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    Currency markets are open 24/5.
  5. I wake up a 3 hours earlier than I need to for work. This gives me a good 2.5 hrs and a set trading time every day.

    EDIT: Those 2.5-3 hrs are the only time that I try to think about trading. This works better than trying to fit sporadic times into the day for a quick scalp. If you're going to do something, do it well and give it your complete attention. Don't try to look cool at the coffee shop.