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  1. You sound pretty dialed in on that side of the world.

    What's the story on the rest of the bourses or Futures Exchanges like Sydney or Tokyo or Shanghai or Korea or any thing on the SIMEX or in Auckland?

    Does anything over there have any volume and/or depth. And if not who is the most ripe to be "colonized" :)

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  2. Remember IB's data feed updates only every .7 of a second. We compared IB's data feed to qfeed and other and found that they dropped 27% of there ticks.
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    I am looking to trade the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 options on Eurex with IB and am wondering what the tax rules are for an US based trader??
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    IB offers Sydney futures and hopefully soon Japan and possibly Korea. I don't think Korean futures are CFTC approved and thus if you are american, no dice.

    All the mentioned markets are active and liquid enough to trade. (the korean market is amongst the most active in the world). SIMEX is still mostly open outcry (the Taiwanese futures on SIMEX are a nice exception). Things are more developed out here than you may realize. All the major firms and banks trade in Asia and thus if you are looking for easy pickings, I doubt you'll find it. (the locals are pretty shrewd as well).

    Ticks, I'm not sure about the refresh rate in HK but I can say that we get our ticks directly from the exchange and in comparisons, we are as good or better than anyone else.

    esx50 and taxes, i have no idea.
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