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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sha10105, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Sha10105


    I want to trade something overnight. Currently I trade the ES during the day. Even though i can trade that overnight i want something with a little more volume and volatility for the overnight hours

    What can i trade?

    Does Think or Swim allow me to trade it?

    What is the symbol on TOS?
  2. Crude?
  3. Don't do ES. Do Forex and crude.
    But My advise to you : Relax and enjoy your life, Day activity is enough.

    Happy Holiday..... :p
  4. What if you're a total market junkie and your concept of enjoying life *IS* trading?

    (looks around)


    I need a hobby...
  5. ganesh6


    Nikkei Futures, Taiwan futures

  6. What does UXG mean?
  7. Sha10105


    What are the symbols for Nikkie and Tai futures? Is there the volatility to trade them overnight? Does anybody on here actually trade overnight?

    For crude whats the best chart to use for the overnight? I would be scalping with tight stops...

    Trading is fun for me i enjoy it. 830-3 is not enough for me lol..
  8. Either trade The Kospi or fx futures overnight.
  9. mrez114


    I thought KOSPI was restricted. Are you allowed to trade it now from US?
  10. Ton of coin to be made in ES at night. Stick with what you know and adjust for the volume.
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