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    It is probably pointless to ask such as revealing question on ET. But how do you traders that consider yourself successful trade order flow?

    This is trading order flow to me: Look at a screen for 3 years everyday. Suddenly i start making opinions based on the order depth and momentum. But there is nothing scientific about it, nothing quantifiable. Is this reading order flow? I mean it works for me cause i have good trade management, but can anyone actually define what it is to read order flow?
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    I mean in the pit we could watch a guy walk in and buy 50 wheat market, walk back to his desk with his clerk still on the phone and it is pretty obvious that they are going to buy 50 more. So as a local what do you do? You take whatever paper is left in the pit and bid it a penny higher. When the broker with the 50 lot comes back use sell it to him a penny higher. Thats trading order flow and having an edge!

    You guys that talk about order flow out there have must better technology me, because you can't do that trading globex ags. All of the iceberg and algos and autospreaders make it basically impossible to even identify order flow on a consistent basis.
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  5. Interesting post, thank you for sharing.
  6. my hats off to those whom are trading these markets

    they are awfully thin and tricky
    as we wind down the yr

    ps that is not me ... but I have in my lifetime been in a rolls

    and worn a top hat

  7. its really just a bunch of lunatics trying to get a little xtra cash for the holidays if you ask me

  8. ok ... will the few here with any intellect care to explain the overnight action in the grains ?

    seems like one fat whale decided to drop a load of coal in someone's stocking by the fireplace

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    seemed to be dollar based. Look at the dollar index chart and the Jan beans.
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