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  1. I'm currently a freshman in college, and I've been trading and reading about various financial markets since I was about 15. I'd say I know a good deal about them, but I haven't had the time to really focus on trading. Recently I've been reading a little on investment banking and it seems interesting. However I've always dreamed of running a hedge fund some day, considering what I really wanted to do (trade on the floor of the CBOT) doesn't look like such a great career path...I was wondering what you guys think on the two different career paths. Thanks in advance.
  2. Trading? You must be crazy! :D
  3. I know how difficult trading is. I initially got into to it because I thought I could make money real fast, but I've found out otherwise. I know it takes time and patience to become successful. I also understand the rate of attrition is very high. I just wanted to get some peoples' opinions on the advantages and disadvantages in each career.
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    Depends on what you're studying, if you're in Biz, go the IB route, since that is what your studies are more catered to. If you're in Comp/Math/Eng then you'll be more attractive to the trading desk. Further, most institutions will recruit out of school for the IB route, then allow you to transfer into other fields if you choose later on.
  5. 2% vs 20-30%
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    If you work really hard, you can be a good IB guy. But, if you work really hard, there is no guarantee that you will be a good trader. just study your butt off at a good school, get really good grades in math, finance or the like, and try to make contacts at top firms. you'll have a better chance to decide and control these things later on. right now, it isnt something that you have much control over. for now...shag as many hot college girls as possible...they just go downhill from here!
  7. Interested in investment banking ? Have some decent reads like "liars'poker" or "monkey business".

    Want to run a hedge fund ? I think noone will remember what they are when you'll reach the age to run a HF...

    Want trading ? Keep an eye on the computer next to you. He might take your job...
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  9. IB is great...but they leave out one little detail at the universities....its all about sales....can you sell? If you can sell, you will be successful...if you can''d better be one smart mother f-er......the easy part is finding a deal that makes perfect sense....the hard part is getting everyone else to buy it.
  10. if you want to do either, get good grades while you have fun with the sorority girls =p that would be perfect
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