Trading options through MB or IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by JetFuel, May 29, 2005.

  1. JetFuel


    I'd love to get some feedback on trading options through MB and/or IB.

    Anyone with experience that can tell me about trading them in fast moving markets? Speed of fills, executions, etc.

    Which one is generally better for options?

  2. i have accounts with both all for options and ib is far superior hands down. its just much easier to use. alos i like ib because they try to route to box in a millisecond were you get a couple of pennies better fill. anywere form 20-40% of my fills are fille don box wer ei get a better fill. mb trading doesn't use box so you enver get a better fill. on the other side mb trading doesn't charege for cancels were ib has a charge for cancels against fills. so if you don't trade all day and you ahve a lot of cancels you're going to incure $20 or more of fee's. i will keep both accounts but if i had to choose one it would be ib
  3. JetFuel


    Any experience with the option specialist brokers - thinkorswim and optionsexpress?

    I know their commissions are higher, but how are their fills compared to IB and do their platforms stay up more often?
  4. ths1


    IB is much faster and they never have problems with option orders.
    You can always enter and cancel them!
    At MB they often have problems with option orders,
    and you have to call the trade desk!
  5. MBT-Steve

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    Today is the first day in many months if not over a year where we are having some technical issue with Options routing. It is unfortunate and though it is uncomfortable I do not think it is reasonable to use today as a comparison over all. MBT has always been a leader throughout the industry in order routing speed. I would hope that not only will jetfuel continue to get feedback from other users but it would also be helpful that Joyata1 please site the methods you use to compare speed of processing. I would gladly take it up as a nice comparison for everyone to be able to share in. Again, I own MB Trading and I am here to take responsibility for both the bad and the good of MBT. All I ask though is that representations remain far and unbiased.


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    I'd love to get other opinions, but despite posting this question in a number of ways, I can't seem to get many comments on MB's option trading.

    Understanding that you are far from an unbiased opinion... at this point I'd simply take a biased, but informed one.

    What are the differences between MB, IB & OX for option trading?

    Speed of fills during volatile times, potential for placing complex option orders, etc, etc...
  7. MBT-Steve

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    To be candid I do not know all the features of IB or OX. I have never really liked commenting on others but would prefer to comment on what I know which is MBT. The speed of fills is approximately 15-30 ms and then about another 10-15ms to receive the report back. I have found my customers to be very happy with the fills and I am certain that is fast.

    Right now we offer basic routing with buying and selling of calls and puts. We are in the process of vastly enhancing our order types and strategies within the next month or so. I must say our stock and futures offerings are stronger but this will change with the options enhancements coming soon. You can expect to see additions which include spreads, straddles, covered calls and a few other things. We will also be offering baskets of which you can trade stocks, options, futures, and a combination of all three in the next rev.