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Discussion in 'Options' started by eldorado1, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Ok had a big argument with TOS. I must switch elsewhere.
    Has MBT improved in options? because I remember it was very depressing to trade options on their platform. I am not considering any other broker for now because I don't like their commissions and because it would be easy for me to switch to MBT as I was their customer in the past.

    Or am I making a huge mistake and I should wait to cool down on TOS?
  2. Thanks guys,I checked it out and there is no way I am moving to MBT.
    Trading spreads and mb trading are light years away. Will stay with TOS
  3. FSU


    What was the argument with TOS?
  4. they disabled my account from opening any new positions because I didnt send the W-8BEN tax form and they need me to send a hard copy. that means that even if I send it now it will take at least a few days until it arrives.
  5. orimsh


    every broker asks for the original W8BEN, don't make an issue... stay with TOS they are the best for options trading. Good Luck!
  6. Yap. Would be a big mistake to leave, especially if I would move to MB Trading. MB is OK with their low commissions and all but can't compete with swim.
    I sent the form by FedEx, hope to resume trading soon. Thanks
  7. +1 to stay w/ TOS. once the form is in you're set. although you could get lower commissions for options you won't find a better options trading platform. as much as it pains me to say it, i prefer TOS to bloomberg for options.
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    I was going to post asking reviews on options brokers but this thread shows that TOS seems to be king. Personally, I have been using their platform for 4+ years and the options trading with the firm is amazing. Hands down, awesome.
  9. The buy up of TOS by TD Ameritrade was not easy for clients and many, including me thought of moving but in the end of the day there is no alternative. These guys are the real deal.