Trading Options and Futures by John Ross - Any review?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by z93007, Apr 25, 2007.

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    I came across a reference to John Ross's book - "Trading Options and Futures" (on Amazon) or as titled "Trading Optures and Futions ". It is about $200, so before ordering I though it is wise to get some opinions. (There are only tow reviews on Amazon).

    Has anybody used it/ recommend it?

  2. That is JOE Ross. And what was wrong with the 2 reviews? You are unlikely to get anything here.

    Try searching on "Joe Ross" on Amazon, and read the reviews on his OTHER books. That will give you a lot of depth on what people think about the author overall.
  3. z93007


    Yes, it is Joe, not John. Thanks for correcting. What's wrong with 2 reviews, may be nothing but statistically insginificant. I was just trying to get any help since this site seems to have the community where I might get some suggestion.

  4. Have you tried your local library? Cooper wrote two books on Hit and Run trading. My local library didn't have it, but the interlibrary loan did. My library brought the books in from the Las Vegas Public Library (of all places). I got to keep them for a month. I saved $200. Good luck!