Trading option in intraday

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  1. What is the type of the option's strategies to the daytrading ?

    The volatility ? with ratio spread ?
    other ?
  2. 1) Avoid daytrading options. There will be too much slippage, illiquidity and greek variable uncertainty to overcome.

    2) Focus on the most liquid underlying instruments and its most liquid strike prices if you can't ignore the urge.
  3. Kanzei


    if you want to daytrade options....

    why be so complicated?

    Use an index like SPY. it's liquid, small spreads, greeks are fairly stable (although even this is beginning to over think it).

    when it's at or near what you think is an intraday high, buy some puts. if it goes past it, average down when you've lost 10 or 15% or at the next expected intraday high.

    when it comes back, sell the puts for a profit and buy the calls.

    rinse and repeat.

    the index will not be blown out by one news story (in either direction, barring a market crash or something) and most likely you will own some puts and calls at the same time, and if the market did collapse your straddle would be profitable letting the calls expire.

    if you do it correctly and there is volatility, you will sometimes be in the money on both sides at one point in the day.

    other times, you'll be averaging down all day and get it back right before the close plus a profit.

    the principle is that eventually the index will turn back far enough to make a profit. it doesn't matter if the turn is sooner or later (so long as you don't run out of money to keep averaging!)

    it's the same as shorting the stock when it's up, and buying the stock when it's down. it's just leveraged more with options.

    it is very rare that an index will go more than a few days in the same direction, and even more rare that at some point in any given day it will not make a .5% run opposite the trend, which is usually enough to make your money.
  4. TYtrader


    I agree with Nazzdak. I would avoid using optins for day trading and focus on futures or equities. Too much slippage and not enough delta. If you really have to, then the Qs, SPYs, IWMs are among the most liquids. Also look for stocks that have optoins with strike prices at 1 point incraments like MOT, MSFT, etc.