trading opportunities this morning ??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TKOtrader, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. is it just me (being a newby) are is there not many trading opportunities to make a good profit this morning? Markets been open almost 1hr and a half and i cant find a play.
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  3. from the LOL i got in response i take it that its because im a newby :confused: :confused:
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    are you kidding?? i just made $2K, now its slow..........thats why im farting around here....
  5. not kidding at all--- thats the sad part i guess---- being a newby sucks---- what did u make 2k on ?
  6. Today might be a bit slow, with elections and Fed tomorrow. Take it easy. You don't have to trade every day. Dave Floyd agrees.
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    Nice call on GB last night.

    Trading opportunities depend on what type of trading you do. I had to laugh at your opening statement because after spinning my wheels for the last 2 weeks I finally had a perfect morning playing 4 different open break plays. PIXR, PMCS, NXTL, and CDWC.
  8. yea... my sports wagers keep me on my feet after all these pitiful trades i make.

    -------- at least for a newby like myself
  9. The last four weeks have been the biggest one month rally in 15 years. You can't expect every day to be like yesterday was. Yesterday was nuts actually.
    And the first hour and a half can be a very difficult time to find a play on any day. Like yesterday, 11:00am was the time to start betting on things to go down, after they had gone up too far too fast. But until it reached that point, it would be hard to know when to bet on it.

    Some days you just can't quite tell what to do, and it can be better just to stay out of the game on those days.
    You learn as you go. I have a long way to go myself.
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    I was 0-4 this weekend and GB helped a make up a little, but I really go through some streaks picking football games. I have often tried to find similarities between the movement of spreads and the market, but no luck.
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