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  1. Anyone know of prop shops trading in manila, philippines.
    i know refco trade out of singapore but need to be in manila.
    or failing that any financial or trading related opportunities in manila. any feedback welcomed.
  2. I thought Swittrade had /has 2 offices there.
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    I spoke to an English-speaking chap at Swift Trade's Manila office today. He said he can only hire Filipinos. That stinks for me as an American citizen.
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    Do you want to trade in an office or remote? If you want to trade US securities remotely, there are prop firms that will accept you.
  5. im more interested in trading into europe through the singapore hub. im trading eurex and euronext products so i need connectivity to these exchanges. whats the situation with swifttrade in terms of where they are and what they do exactly.
  6. What was the reason given for that? That sounds unusual for a firm turn away potential business based on that.
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    Swifttrade will soon gain access to euronext (dunno timetable but maybe in 3 months, they already have access to LSE) so given that you could try contacting them there in the philippines. Unfortunately each BM decides whether or not they allow their traders to trade the different exchanges considering the risk profile so you would have to speak to them directly (hint, hint,;)
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    I have a friend who lives in the Philippines. He tells me that there is so much unemployment for the local Filipinos that there are laws in place prohibiting foreigners from taking jobs from them. That is not what the English chap told me. I'm just surmising. Nevertheless, I'm going to call that English chap again and see if I can just "rent" space from him or something in order to get around this law. I want to trade, be around like-minded individuals and live in a place where my living expenses would be low while I start my trading business off the ground. This way I would be able to plow back more profits back into the business. Not to mention, trading there goes from 9:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. because of the time difference. I don't know about you. but I would get lonely trading at those hours all by my lonesome. :(
  9. well they are 7 hours ahead from london so 700am open equals 200 pm start. so im looking at 200pm to 900pm if trading euronext/eurex products. which isnt too bad.
    you raised a good point about being around like minded would be nice to work a few ither guys as i currently do.its good for morale,bouncing ideas around and working/covering orders etc etc.
    maybe another idea is an internet conection to man group in singapore??
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    In the swifttrade branch where i trade, we are not classified as employees, but independent contractors. As such, you are not taking jobs from unemployed filipinos.

    There are three swifttrade branches here--one in manila, another in san juan and one more in pasig. Try the other two branches.
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