Trading Opportunities and Education.

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  1. Ok, where to begin my first thread? I'll just say I've done many evenings of reading on this forum and its proved both useful and amusing. So thank you. Anyway, what i'd like to get some viewpoints on are education, trading, and opening up the correct doors. So here is where I am: I am 25 and I am in a career of which I have grown much disdain and just resentment towards. I finished a portion of my degree about 75% and then began working and making money. I have always had an interest in trading and have even successfully educated myself to a point where I've traded my own account profitably on and off. I decided I wanted to trade so I sent out some resumes and got some responses. All prop firms and all bullshit, I can smell it as soon as I walked in and it was more me interviewing them than them me. So with that being said and realizing that with my lack of education I could never get a real trading job. I've decided to finish my degree. I've sent some transfer applications and I think I am going to be attending Bentley College in MA. They have their own trading floor and it appears that i'll get a lot of actual hands on experience on the floor. They also run their own index and trade their own endowment which is awesome. So basically what i'm looking for is to see if you think a finance degree with a double major in econ is a good way to open doors up at REAL firms non of this 5k bullshit. No offense its just not what I want to be a part of. Do you think a Masters in Finance is a good option? Some insight to a man on a mission any feedback will be appreciated. thanks.
  2. IMHO, a degree or two never hurt, but not every firm that hires traders puts as much importance on education. Some traditional firms do. The hedge fund group we run the allocation for could care less what school the FX traders we're dealing with attended. It's all about their stats and what we conclude from our due diligence process. Some firms want to hire new traders that have pedigree and not necessarily successful trading experience. Why? Because they want to be able to mold them. That's fine for them and for traders that want that type of position - but we don't want clones.
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    can you explain what you do exactly? do you mean you do due diligence on traders for hedge funds?

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  5. Yes; and we decide which FX traders that we're doing the due diligence for get allocations.
  6. come on guys no input on education and opening doors to serious firms?
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