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    I’m planning to get a computer that will only be used for connecting to my broker and online banking. I do not plan to use it for anything else apart from downloading updates.
    I’m not a frequent trader, more of a buy & hold type so I wont need to be connected for long periods of time.

    1. Any suggestions for the most suitable computer? I think I’d prefer a laptop.
    2. I’m also planning to have a separate router with hardware firewall but if anyone has any ideas on the most secure set up, I’d be interested to hear.
    3. I vaguely remember reading about a method of connecting to some sites, like my broker or bank, via a secure ‘tunnel’ or something similar. Anyone know anything about this?

  2. Good idea. I like it. IB has a device for secure connection. I have not used it. But your approach is good. Actually, it is the way to go.

    1. PC for trading and banking
    2. PC for system development with no internet connection
    3. PC for email and office
    4. PC for surfing, group posting, etc. you can reformat at anytime
  3. This is exactly the approach I take, and have used for years and I find it works really well, I couldn't consider things otherwise, I also have one for 'other projects'
  4. laptops are more expensive and much more frail than desktops. If you are not taking anywherem, why bother? If space is at a premium, just put a second box with your existing and a switch, so you can use same monitor for both PCs.
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    Or, one physical machine and N virtual machines.
  6. jprad


    Like anything else, it depends on what you buy and how well you treat it.

    I've had 7 ThinkPads over the past 15 years. Only 2 have ever needed warranty service. The depot turn-around is nothing short of amazing.

    The current one is a 2+ year old Lenovo Z61m, just as solid and reliable as the other six. I intend on replacing it this fall when the next round of the W series is released.
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    Reading this thread got me thinking, does IB has an online banking feature or strictly broker?

    Thank you for your time.
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    Could you please expand on this comment.

    Best Ragards

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    Can we have two Virtual Vista machines and a MAC?

    Regarding the firewall for banking, get a Hotbrick or a SonicWall or something like that and whitelist. They can be set up to pass only the url's you put in the list and block the entire rest of the internet. The entire blacklisting security industry is somewhat of a fraud, I had all the recommended stuff on a windows XP machine once and still found I was connected to two notorious hacker sites at the same time.... The Hotbrick will only allow about 20 url's, I can get by on way less than that.

    If you get a static IP you can set up Interactivebrokers to only allow your account to connect to your IP. That is a little extra layer of security that might allow some to sleep better, who knows...

    My ideal setup will eventually be one Windows machine for trading, one Windows Machine not connected to the internet for development and a MAC for everything else..
  10. A dedicated PC for porn...nice! :D
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