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Discussion in 'Trading' started by chuckybrown70, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. hello all,

    i have not posted in a while, but i am looking for someone to discuss trading with.

    to give you some background:
    i started trading dec 10, 2009. lost 31k last year because i bought and held for the first 2 months and did not buy back in march, but learned a lot. made $5k playing earnings. also play options. want to discuss futures. up $600 this year. i have read rem.. of a stock operator. i trade on IB but was using etrade until sept. have an accounting degree and have no other source of income.

    looking for someone who is knowledgeable who i can discuss opportunities with. for example:

    sold fas and faz options today (Expiration day) because implied volatility was 110 and historical is only 40. played 5 fas 80 put
    and 20 faz 18 calls and it fell nicely in between for a profit. does this interest you. if so PM me and lets start helping each other. THANKS
  2. if you started Dec 2009, you probably have 3-10 years to go, losing a few $tens of thousands, thousands of hours of your time, and then, probably have 0.0-0.2% chances of becoming a lifetime successful trader. You will try everything, become convinced 5-10 times you made it and change your mind. Many will agree and many will say otherwise, but the reality will become clear.