Trading on Yom Kippur?

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  1. How is it? is volume very light? I was thinking of not trading because it might be a chop shop day because everyone is observing the day.

    Do you guys trade on Yom Kippur?

    If so, do you notice a difference?
  2. Who is "everyone"? I am not.

  3. I once heard of a trader saying there was seasonal trade
    based on either the yom kippur day itself

    or based on the period between the beg. of the
    jewish new yr and the end of yom kippur

    one would need to know the calender dates from yr to yr of the jewish new yr though in order to do this study

    perhaps the stock traders almanac or some other
    group has done such a study
  4. is thi what you mean?


    Swing Trader: Oy Vey! Another Down Day!?!? -Technical-

    There's an adage among floor traders about "Selling Rosh Hashanah" and "Buying Yom Kippur." So far, if you sold on October 4 (Rosh Hashanah), you've been sitting pretty the last 6 sessions. If the saying holds true, then this Thursday, October 13, should finally start to see some buyers enter into this market.
  5. I'm a Real Money subscriber, and every year Jim Cramer mentions the same adage. Sell Rosh Hashannah(last Wed), but Yom Kippur(Thurs/Fri).
  6. SethArb,

    i think Chris Carolan has done extensive research on the subject, since it goes along with his research on other calendar phenomena. he posts on ET under the nick of calends.

    yom kipur has been known to be a light volume day.. although that does not necessarily mean that there won't be clean intraday moves to swing.
  7. trading will be very light today because many jews wk on wall st .
  8. Be careful, The Worldwide Jewish Financial Conspiracy created Yom Kippur just so your attention would be deflected away from the markets. I hear through sources (a friend of mine is President of the WJFC) they are planning something BIG today.

    Being an atheist, I feel compelled to expose the sham that is the Day of Atonement. So, today, I am eating Matzoh just to screw the holidays up. I have set my execution notifier to the sound of a shofar, the ram's horn blown by Jews to reveal the beginning of the conspiracy. let's see how many jews get confused by this!
  9. why don't y'all just 'trade what you see and not what you think', today and in any other day, aye?

    all the best!
  10. When is this Yon Kappur day?

    edit: its TODAY.. that means I won't be taking any money from jewbs..
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