Trading on the SENSEX

Discussion in 'Trading' started by scorpionking2k5, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Hi... i'm a newbie.

    What do you people think will happen the the sensex that crashed by 1100 points in 2 days...!!!??
    My family's has suffered badly in it...

    The market does seem to recover... but how much time will it take???
  2. Buy when there is blood on the streets. Sorry, to sound heartless, but the Indian markets are notorious, like other emerging markets, for insider trading.

    If you still believe that the Indian economy is in its early stages of growth, every correction gives you an opportunity to cost average down, assuming you are a long term investor. If you are a trader, I have no idea how liquid that market is and how transparent the bid/ask quotes are.

    Good luck and hope your family recovers their lost money.