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  1. Anyone trading on the road using wireless laptop? Maybe trading from city hot spots? I know the The Miami-Dade Public Library System offers free WiFi at all its libraries, and anyone can use it with a WiFi-compliant, IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g wireless Ethernet device installed in their laptop. How well would this work for trading (buy & hold for 1/2 point intraday, no scalping). I have only used DSL, never used wireless.

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    I thought there was a security issue with trading wireless. Just my first thought after reading your post.
  3. I'm totally new to wireless, just starting to look at it. I did hear about security software that I can install.
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    I travel frequently and have been using wireless on the road for several years. I always opt for a WEP network when available but you won't always have a choice. I spend more time in hotels than other hotspots. Biggest problem I run into is occasionally the signal is weak and or keeps cutting out altogether. Sometimes changing rooms helps sometimes not. I have heard that there can be security issues with wireless but I'm not well versed on the subject.
  5. What happens when the signal is weak or cuts out - how long does the down time last, and how does that affect your data feed. And does that occur around the same time of day. How are you able to trade with those interruptions.
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    It all depends on the individual network and your distance from the router as well as any metal walls or structures between you and the router. There would not normally be any particular time of day for these types of problems. There is a particular hotel I often stay at in Florida that is so bad I usually just go to the airport during RTH where they have a more reliable network.
    Generally if you have stops on the server of the exchange or your brokers server your relatively safe. Scalping could certainly be a problem if you don't have a solid signal.
    I keep a dial up account as a back up.
  7. Thanks for the info TL. I sort of suspect that the public library might have a good one. Would have to try it to know for sure.
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    Oh yeah and if you don't have a similar site already you can take a look at
    to help find locations.
  9. Great. Thanks.
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