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  1. I heard someone say you can trade IB webtrader through the iphone. Someone else said that webtrader requires IE 6.0 and the iphone does not have IE, it uses some other type of web browser (Safari, I think). Can someone confirm any of these

    thank you

    Any word on when the new version of iphone is coming out?
  2. If you look at my last post on the webtrading with IB thread, I am no longer able to acces the site....

    I'll be fiddling tonight to figure out why that is.
  3. I spoke too soon. I can't login to mobile or webtrader from my IP at this time.
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    Anyone try IB mobile trader or webtrader on symbian OS phone (s60)? i.e. Nokia N95

    IB mobile trader works on old pocket pc running windows mobile 2003, but webtrader does not work with either Opera or IE browser.
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  6. BTW, make life simple. Email yourself the login link and click it from the email...

    Yes, Mobiletrader works great. I guess webtrader working was a fluke for me....
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    Works fine on a nokia e61.
  8. does anyone know if qcharts would work on the Iphone? I was just thinking how incredible it would be to have my charts on the go.
  9. Has qcharts been coded for iphone or is it still pc based? Remember the iPhone is OS X on a portable computing device with a to make calls.

    If qcharts is totally browser based without flash, you may have a chance. If it is locked to a PC platform, most likely not.
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    That is mobiletrader that works fine on the nokia e61.
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