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    Hello my name is Vahe engaged in futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange more than a year. I work at the terminal nt7. I have positive statistics that are provided below. I also have experience in learning the trade. The disciples, too, there is a positive statistic. This topic will lead a new trading statistics, and you can observe the dynamics of my trade. I am currently living in Russia. If you have questions to ask I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

    My Stats from 1.05 - 24.08


    And new statistics from the beginning of this month , as there are no losing days. But this work is carried out only up to 3 contracts for a smaller bill as an example of trade. Trading without indicators ! Only clean graphics and volumes . Trading is conducted in a quiet market . Trading styles vary depending on the time spent on trading.





    Sincerely VaheV.

    P.S sorry for my lousy English.
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    So you made $800 on 8 trades...
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    I'm just showing my experience , as far as possible will show how scalping and day trading and swing trading. important in trading stability and the result is not it? The above shows that I made $ 900 in 2-3 trades , and for three months has made almost $ 100K $ 300K . The new statistics will show new trades
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    Show me 5-10 years of live trades with all the entries and exits and then I will believe you.
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    Thank you for your interest , follow my posts , and I'm sure you will not be disappointed
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    Please post some live trades so we can follow. Anyone can post fake trades the day after
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    I do not quite understand you. Trade had been in real-time as I will try to publish the transaction after each trading day.
  8. Eight. lt is a very lucky Chinese number." --Rogue Trader, 1999 movie :D
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    Anyone can fake results publishing results at the end of the trading day.

    I want you to publish your trade as soon as you make it so we can follow it live. If you can get consistent results then you are good. If you can't you are just a scammer.

    Why doesn't the moderator delete threads like this
  10. actually I think he made 13 trades

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