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  1. Anyone trading on the beach? In the park? At starbucks?

    I'm less interested in coffee-shop trading but curious about what tech / hardware / comm setups you guys have for mobile trading.

    I took my laptop to the park this pm to do some replays and let me tell you, I could get used to trading at a nice quiet park.

    Anyone actually trading mobile? What's your hardware / internet setup?
  2. I've traded at Barnes and Nobles...
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    its a dream of mine, but i live in the mtns of colorado, and i've been looking into long range wifi using chinese cookware.

    appearently its not too hard to get 10km line of sight links without any amplification. just cheap usb wifi adaptors.

    but the setup i'd have is a network cable from my house to a ridge, where there would be a directional antenna connected to a pointing device. from there i'd set up another directional antenna maybe 200 yds above a beautiful park, and link the two (1.5km). at the 2nd antenna, i'd have a much less directional antenna, and could connect my laptop right to that. .5km roaming in any direction around the 2nd base unit. and it would all be through my own network.

    but then again, i dont even have a laptop yet.
  4. Trade at the beach and you will end up looking at all the boobs. Not a great way to focus on trading.
  5. I focus on nicely rounded bottoms rather than boobs. ;~)
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  7. I travel quite a bit

    Through the years I have made arrangements with several hotels to provide specific connectivity options for me. If you do enough business with them, they tend to listen and respond.

    For instance, the best place in Vegas is at the Bellagio (if you know who to talk to). You need to spend some money there, but if you like that atmosphere they will bend over backwards to accomodate you.

    For true mobile I like Verizon.. on the west coast only. I have a map of the places I can go and still be connected. I do a quick test and boom, ready to go...Just be sure you have a cell phone with you and that you can get a call out to your broker in case things go south.

    I have traded in a couple of places in Palo Alto, on the campus at Stanford University and in Napa at several hotels. All good, no problems.

    Starbucks sucks in my opinion. Haven't been there in a long while for coffee or to trade, but they used to have you pay to use their Wi-Fi connection..In my opinion that sucks. Also I don't particularly like trading with some stranger looking over my shoulder....:D

    Finally, there is a wonderful place in Palo Alto called Dinah's. This old hotel has been remodeled and they have a very beautiful and quiet Japanese garden. A couple of the rooms have private decks that look out over the gardens. I've spent a few mornings trading there. Nothing beats having your (room service) breakfast out on a private deck while making a few bucks.
  8. yes. its distracting to trade with pple looking over your shoulder and in crowded places. i trade in the libraries and hotel lounges which are more exclusive. cheaper than paying for a hotel room but still get the ambience. just pay for the cup of coffee !
  9. I have traded remote all over Austin.....

    Mozarts on Lake Austin which I really love ( )

    Austin Java and Grill on Barton Springs Rd ( )

    SegaFredo 360 Uno ( )

    Boating on Lake Travis, etc.....all off my Sprint wireless broadband without any problems. All the above locations I mentioned do also have free wifi if needed.

    In Vegas where I have my other residence, I like Mandalay Bay, Venetian, or Paris, for trading when I stay at the hotels for a few days of fun on the Strip.
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    I use a laptop as my primary trading method. To trade while on the road, I use a Sprint Broadband card (built-in). I have no issues with the speed nor the execution.

    I would recommend if you use this method that you are stationary. Trading while driving or mobile is not only dangerous but frequently you will drop a connection in the middle of a trade. :)

    I have previously used a Verizon Broadband card in my laptop. The experience was similar to Sprint but Verizon in some cases will suspend your account with large data usage even though they claim to be 'unlimited' data.

    I ONLY trade while using the Sprint card or connected to a secure network. (one I can verify is secure).

    Public wireless connections such as coffee shops are very dangerous when you send sensitive information or connect to your broker. The public connections are easy to 'sniff' and may allow someone to access your broker account by capturing your login information while connected to the trading software or brokers account page.
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