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  1. Hello to all.

    I trade from a remote location that has no access to DSL, cable nor even frame relay. As a result I have been using a Starband Satellite connection . Inherent with this is a latency in speed due to the distance from the satellite that amounts to a delay of a second or so. The speed delay is a minor problem I find I am able to deal with ,however, another problem arises also related to latency.

    Quote feeds are programmed to read a constant uninterrupted stream of data . While ground lines provide this, a satellite will send data in pulses, due to the latency, resulting in brief interruptions in the data stream. These interruptions may result in repeated disconnects causing the user to have to log back in . I was disconnected over 15 times on Friday. That is NOT OK if one is trying to make money.

    According to the techs I've talked to, the problem is related to the sensitivity to interruptions of the particular software in use. I am aware that Hyperfeed is successful providing quotes using a satellite connection, and I've spoken to others who are using Starband without difficulty so I know there is a solution to the problem.

    Does anyone out there have experience with this issue? I would like to hear comments hopefully resulting in a fix as would others who, like myself, have no access to a broadband ground service.

    Best regards and good trading to all.
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    I've been a Starband user for almost a year now.

    I use IB over Starband and have had no problems or disconnects. Sorry i can't help on your problems -- have you tried and/or the news groups re starband?

    Best of luck....
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    This question is best directed at Hardware forum.
  4. What software are you using? I am using Starband with Qcharts. There are occasional hesitations in the data feed but I've never been disconnected. I use the phone modem for order entry as I have found this to be faster than uploading on the satellite.
  5. I've been using Starband for the past year. For data, it is pretty good...the latency issue doesn't add much delay to your feed...about a half second or so. Where I have trouble is using it for order entry...I get better results using a 56k s dialup line.

    Try this: do several "ping" tests to your broker's server. See what the latency is and, especially important, see what per cent of your packets don't make it. My experience says that about 25 percent don't make it. It makes scalping even more exciting than it already is.

    Over the past year there have been many threads on Elite Trader about a search using my name and you'll come across most of them. If you still have any questions after reading them, fire away.

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    I have used Hyperfeed to receive quotes for many years and have had no problems.
  7. HI Airspeed,
    Just got off the phone with Telebyte NW (Puget Sound region ISP) who can provide both multi link and frame relay to my location. I'll pass on the info.

    Multilink uses two POTS modems in the same computer to provide simultaneous send and receive at 56k (or whatever yr phone sercice can manage) with POTS reliability. Two ISP services charges are billed for this service . Out here its $25/mo each. Reliability is the issue . Bandwidth can drop markedly with shared usage thruout the day. Also required is a second phone line to handle the additional modem at about $10/mo . So total charges for multilink $50/mo (ISP) + $20/mo (phone lines) = $70/mo.

    Frame relay also provides simultaneous send and receive at 56k however reliability is greatly improved . The line is monitored and guaranteed to operate at no lower that 28.8k (CIR). No additional phone lines required other than the loop provided for the frame. Total charges for frame; $150 one time setup fee, $105/month. Setup fee may be waived and monthly charges lowerd for longer than quarterly subscriptions. There is an additional monthly charge for the loop of $300/mo

    Fractional T-1 lines are essentially frame lines with higher bandwidth options; 128k (56k CIR) is about $200/month and 256k is about $400/mo+ loop charges/mo

    A third option that nobody has brought up: Radio link.
    A 1Mb Radio link offering 500-750k thru put ; One time setup fee of $500 includes all hardware +$375/mo This offers all the reliability of T-1 at about 1/3 cost. It involves an eliptical antenna and requires line-of-site to a receiver.

    Yet another possibility is a Point to Point service. More on this later

    It seems to me that multilink offers value . It also seems to me that a higher bandwidth may be required so that streaming data is not bottlenecked . I see the satellite and multilink as a reliable combination, one acting as backup for the other should a failure occur.

    Regarding disconnections with the satellite feed, someone asked what software I use. I'd rather not say at this time as I suspect the proprietary firm I trade with will get on top of the issue post haste to serve their traders not having access to hi bandwidth ground service. It is their software and is used for both data and order entry.

    At this time however, the satellite disconnection problem still exists and I am wondering if frame at 56k (minimum 28k) or even 128k T-1 (minimum 64K) is sufficient to handle data feed downloads. The Telebyte rep said it would not be a problem with 128k.

    Still looking for a fix to satellite service and info should be forthcoming re: Point-to-Point service shortly. I'll post as soon as I hear something.

    Thanks for yr comments and valuable information . Best wishes to all.