Trading on Options Expiration Days

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DataCruncher, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. is it a smart thing to do to take the day off entirely because of possible erratic price behavior?
  2. Alot of traders do. I would monitor your success rate on these days and find out if it's wise for you to trade or not.
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    There was a trader in one of the "Market Wizards" books, who talked about how he noticed that he was profitable throughout the month, but then took big losses on expiration days, so he just stopped trading on expiration days.

    While some people make all the profits exclusively on expiration days.

    So as the other poster above me mentioned, see what your performance is and then adjust accordingly.
  4. Maybe trade options on options expiration day :D They're so cheap (especially the OTM ones), and with these crazy rallies, you might get lucky :p