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  1. Looking to post NQ trades in real time and some commentary along the way. My trading is based on simple price action and my charts are as plain as can be. I look for my market bias and trade within that context. Sometimes the bias is evident very early in the morning, sometimes later on in the day. But until I find that bias, I scalp for 2-3 pts on average. I also keep a close eye on ES and observe it's relationship with NQ.

    This is an open journal, so feel free to post real times calls and commentary or just track my trades. Entries and exits must be made in real time, not after the fact. It takes me less than 10 seconds to type my fill price and hit the reply button, so it should not be that hard. Stops and targets are optional.
  2. L 63
  3. out 62.25
  4. S 59.5
  5. out 57.5
  6. back in S 54.75
  7. out 52.25
  8. S 49.75
  9. out 47
  10. pt199


    Watching...You're doing well...Good luck!
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