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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Norm, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Norm



    I realize that there are several ways to use a TradeStation automated strategy to trade with Interactive Brokers. I believe that TradeBolt is one product that facilitates this.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for other products that tie TradeStation to IB for live trading. It appears that TradeBolt has a recurring cost (lease or increased commissions) associated with it. I would prefer to simply purchase the software and not have a recurring expense.

  2. can also look into Tradebullet and a free program from hypertrader called Hyperorder. I have not tried any of these products but some here in elite says tradebullet is no good. I will be trying out Hyperorder on TS200i
  3. I like HyperOrder most. It's very stable and free of cost. I also tried TradeBullet and TradeBolt, neither of them worked only half as good (if they worked at all).
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    Hi Norm

    You can try TradeBolt for free with IB for a month before deciding whether you want to register for a live account.

    Please feel free to call me for details.


    Matt Hulan

    Project Manager

    1-800-977-BOLT (2658)