Trading on Hong Kong, Shanghai & Tokyo?

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    I have been looking to find an online broker in Asia/Europe which opens accounts for foreigners and gives access to the above mentioned markets. I found 'Saxo Bank' in Switzerland with good prices (not for people looking for pay/share though) but good rates for pay/trade. I am based in Canada and know IB Canada offers access to Hong Kong and Tokyo but not to Shanghai, good rates! HSBC Canada on the other, charges around 1-1.4 % of the trade value which is a real turn-off!

    I tried Googling "online brokers china, tokyo..." not much luck. Any recommendation?
  2. stock, futures, options or forex???
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    Stocks only.
  4. unless you have chinese citizenship, no shanghai for you.
    many brokers in HK where you can get access to major Asian markets.
  5. I am seriously considering trading the Parkistan market: Karachi Stock Exchange, also the Papua New Guinea market (not sure of its exchange name yet), anyone recommend any broker that offers access to those two markets?

    PS: not that I cannot make money in the US market.
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    Can you please name a few trustworthy ones in HK? Do they have English language platforms or Chinese?
  7. before starting to trade hk take under the account much higher commissions.

    this is the biggest "local" broker in HK. there may be other shops offering different things but there are so many scams in HK that i would stick with the bigger ones. if you dont trade much just open an account with HSBC.
  8. certainly no day-trading on those :)
  9. For the OP ... also look at what you can do with Interactive Brokers.

    For BP trader. I can't believe you're serious about PNG. Or that you propose this and can't spell Pakistan.
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