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    If you had information about the market coming from 40 years in the future that you felt you could trust, would you trade it? How would you trade it?

    Because of my belief system, i have some information that i feel is relevant to the year 2050 or so. The information comes out of a book published 11 years ago or so that's basically a transcript of conversations between someone i haven't met and two beings that came to visit him from the future. They say they can do that because time is not linear, but holographic in nature. So, everything that has ever happened has already happened and that time is essentially *finished* from the perspective of eternity. And, they say, time is an aspect of imagination, which is why i'm starting this thread in the psychology forum.

    The two beings in question claim to have lived in America, one of them a university professor for a while. Imo, the story is believable. So, here is what specifically they said about certain aspects of the market. Btw, they did not come to talk about the market but these things were discussed in passing because the guy who put this book out considered himself a trader at that time.

    Specifically, about the DOW, they said it would be at 100,000
    They said we will be experiencing a great bull market getting there.
    They said,
    The car industry in America will move into hybrids (electricity/gas)
    The car industry in Europe will move into fuel cell (hydrogen) technology

    My question is, if you thought you could count on this information, how would you trade it?
  2. I wouldn't, its too far into the future to speculate what technologies would dominate our planet. Plus geo based events, climate change, ever changing political scenarios, epidemics, etc, can change the course of things very quickly.
  3. I am for hydrogen, and diesel. Scrap the crappy electric crap they have going on now like the Prius what a joke.. im not fooled.

    Real electric will have NO gas motor and be completely self generating, the technology is available now.. It is all about politics money and power..

    What a load of fooo crap

    Okay onto the Equity Markets....

    What I plan to do is wait for the next market crash, and buy the hell out of the dip on SPY, if the sucker goes lower I will buy some more! and more and more! I also will find the stocks with no dept, good CEO and all the other good crap and load up on those too.. in 5 to 10 years you'll easily be up 1000% and in 25 years you'll be a billionaire, easily living off dividends and larger purchases made by selling a few shares to buy that yacht etc..

    I predicted the 07-2009 crash to my dad, told him the short the shit out of it. I wasn't in the market at the time.. he did not do it.. Then I told him to buy the shit out of it, Spy back up to 1400 from 700.. Still didn't to it.. now im going live myself and waiting for the perfect opportunity..

    some guy bought ford couple years ago, put his life savings into it.. now he is wealthy.!!

    Just figure out the niche and go for it!
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    "Dow 10000..."

    I think they are running this demo on Zimbabve now.
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    I think Baron shoud create a new forum for threads just like this one. I suggest we call it Abnormal Psychology.

  6. What cha talkin' about Willis?
  7. write a book, do a the first to pronounce such great findings.

    I'm 100% sure the greatest trading environment ever will be in 109 years....

    and the day after I die the world will have the best day ever, as aliens fall from the sky and give my neighborhood billions.

    and 2 days after i'm gone there will be WW4 and ever ocean will rise by 100

    life is nutty

    live it
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    I like your answers so i'm going to reply here first. For reference, i'm going to call those two alleged beings A&P. They (A&P) say that the reason America will go with gas/electric hybrids is because they are not as smart as Europe, and the big gas co's have a tighter grip on us. They will not let go until wringing every last dollar they can out of the petro phenomenon. So that's the reason they are going to be hybrid, and not fully electric. Greed, stupidity...all that.

    In fact, they said the U.S. is going to take the back seat to Europe going forward, for these kinds of reasons.

    According to A&P, you'll definitely have your chance. There should be a similar dip like we got right after 911, for similar - false flag - reasons. After that, the bull market will begin, once people feel psychologically secure again.

    I definitely want to look over your shoulder when the time comes.

    Thanks a lot.
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    I don't think it's that kind of a revelation. I'm mainly asking that if you felt justified, and had a high level of confidence in this analysis, would you trade it differently than you would otherwise?

    If it's going to be a bull market, people will figure out how to make money. But if you KNEW it was going to be a bull, could you make more? Could you make even more if you understood the direction of the auto industry in these terms?
  10. Sounds great and all. But, my pockets are not deep enough to ride out the storms...
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