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Discussion in 'Trading' started by quantics, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. quantics



    I have developed a corporate news wire application that reads news wires from PRNewsWire, BusinessWire, Market Wire and GlobeNewsWire.

    The system parses EPS, Sales, Net Income and Free cash flow and compares them automatically to the Thomson Reuters Analyst Estimate calculating the Earning Surprise etc.

    The system reads and parses news wires within 3 seconds of the release time.

    It also calculates the correlation to past earnings surprises and generates a recommended buy or sell signal.

    I currently just use the system to trade successfully myself but was thinking that if there was enough interest I would make it public.

    What is everyone's thoughts on such a product?
  2. mickmak


    Nice. But 3 seconds is not fast enough. The idea of numbers trading is be faster than others. I know systems that does this at millisecond scale (i.e. CL inventory number release from our good ol' gov).
  3. quantics


    Hey Mick,

    I am already doing Economic data in milliseconds. Within a week i hope to have the Earnings down to around a second. In my trading to date 3 seconds has still had me into trades before everyone else.

  4. very much interested, how do you get the news?
  5. quantics


    Straight from all of the Wire services. About to also start gathering from corporate websites.
  6. quantics


    I forgot to mention that it also parses out Company Guidance figures for EPS and Sales comparing both to Analyst Estimates.