Trading on computers not Windows based.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Stock_Lover, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. I was running some searches about this and couldn't find much info about trading on something other than a platform that was built on Windows.

    What about MAC users and Linux based machines. I'm not really into Windows.

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    IB has released Mac OS X and Linux compatible versions of its Java based trading client. I haven't tried them yet. TWS is strictly trade execution and does not have charts or other frills.
  3. IB TWS, both browser-based and standalone. Streaming realtime data too, not too bad in quality. You need only pay exchange data fees.

    But you still need a Win2K or WinXP-based machine running your "production" datafeed and charting package, or you want to go to the institutional feeds like Reuters or Bloomberg asking for a Unix installation?

    Some pure Java-based quote/charting products are emerging, but still in the "toy" stage in my opinion.

    ps. echo answered before me. I find the "Edit" function in the right bottom is really good!