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  1. does anyone trade on one of them new Apple computers ?

    are most charting softwares compatible with them ?

    thanks in advance
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    But I am beginning to believe that the new dual machines from Apple are blazing rockets.

    Part of the problem, IMHO, is that there seems to be so few quality trading software that runs apple. I wish it were different, I absolutely love them.

    nitro :(
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  4. There still need to be more software available... Though, individual traders just need to know that the software he/she uses is available.
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  6. Nitro since OSX came out I've discovered I can run almost all my development software on a Mac EXCEPT for the cursed XML Spy. Why they made that a Windows only app I'll never know? I've got a UML program written in Java. Graphically its extremely complex, but it works great. So don't anyone say Java can't be used for high end stuff. But XML Spy is still trapped in Windows even though XML is a tool heavily used in for Java, yet it can't run under Java. Goofy.

    Since OSX is a variant of unix it can run so much more than the old mac OS.

    Oracle, Weblogic all have OSX targets for distribution.
  7. So many of these Windows charting packages (like Esignal) already use large graphics libraries for their chart drawing. Its not like they are fully exploiting every CPU cycle by running low level windows executables. They've got all kind of stuff piled on top of the base windows app.

    If you are going to put all these drawing and graphics intermediaries in your code distribution, why not just go ahead and develop in Java? They you can distribute code for a Windows target or an OSX target (or Linux) with very little change.
  8. I like the new Apple boxes a lot. Does anybody have a answer, can Esignal run on OSX.

    Thx very much.

  9. No, Esignal does not run under an Apple.

    Esignal may run under a windows emulator on an Apple ( Virtual PC 6 ). I never head of anyone testing it under one though.

    Another potential option is WINE. But the last time I checked WINE (back engineered Windows libraries) are only being made for a Linux/Intel target (not Apple).
  10. I have been all mac for trading since IB TWS went Java. I use Linnsoft for charting and quotes with DTNIQ feed. I have also used trendsetter's Pro TA which is a basic, inexpensive, though solid program that only works with the MyTrack feed.

    The newer dual processor macs are fast enough to run windows emulation without too much of performance hit for any crucial programs which aren't on the mac. I haven't tried esignal in emulation but I did try the DTNIQ app. which seemed to run just fine. I would guess esignal works too.

    OS X is solid as a rock with uptimes lasting for months and it is not even a tenth as squirly as win 2k. Highly recommended for trading if you can work with the available software, IMHO.
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