Trading on Acid

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  1. A short clip on you tube would be nice.
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    agree on hershey. lol

    i'm a little young to have used it when it was still legal...i think they outlawed it in 67? i don't think i ever had the good stuff. : (

    i did use X (ecstasy) several time while it was still legal in 1985. i was getting it from someone who had a was awesome stuff. i hear the X kids take now at parties is mostly meth and other bad stuff. lame.

    in 1980, on the US presidential election night i was trippin' on shrooms with 5 other guys on a camping trip. we were walking thru the forest and we all saw some strange lights above us and thought we were being "followed" or "monitored" by ETs who were trying to get a read on planet Earth during the election. in fact, til this day, most of the guys refuse to acknowledge what they expereinced that night.
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  3. holy smokes are you ole school! Sandoz acid. I read an interesting book with a quote that Sandoz Roche develop valium for $4/kilo meanwhile pumping it to distribs for 20k and they repakage at retail for a whopping $50k. Some very nice margins there. That is much better than streetdealing, unbeleivably better.
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  4. No mention of kenebinal?

    Anyone think IB will create a security device for trading impaired?

    Don't the Brights taut impaired trading? Oh wait, that's pairs trading...Pairs trading, while impaired? Naked? Cool.
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  5. I traded on acid once and made the worst financial decision of my life.

    I saw something that looked really good and in my haze I clicked a few buttons and made a purchase. I didn't even realize how foolish I had been and the damage I had done until a few days later when Timmy Syke's DVD set arrived in the mail. :( :mad: :confused:

    Money down the toilet.
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  6. That I can imagine would be horrible. But... did you ever trade while still tripping?

    Nah scalper never while tripping, psychadelics never were my thing. I like to eat mushrooms bout once a year and just think and have a good time. I used to like to GO FAST tho lol, way too much go fast. fucking gross
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    I had a friend when I was young that was always taking weird stuff. One day, his dad was driving us back and he said " Dad, have you seen this monstrous wonderful shoe on the side of the road? What about taking it back to mom?". His father stopped and my friend came out, ran into a housebuilder abandonned shoe, tried to carry it and asked for some help,seeing it way bigger( I think... ) than it was. At one time, he was almost making love with the shoe, since it was "so pretty"...

    I can't imagine what this kind of stuff can make to your trading decision.
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    What a stupid fu%%ing thread !! This site needs to start deleting threads like these that have absolutely no educational value. Whats next? Starting a thread on "trading while receiving a blowjob under ur desk by your woman"? this site is going to shit...slowly but surely:(

    oh..wait a min...i do recall getting a bj from my girl last month from under the desk...caused me to enter a "close at market" order by mistake...LOL

    Ok...we can keep this thread going..what the hell !....:p
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    Go ask Alice.

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  10. No thread on investing under the influence is complete without a word from the Master- SirStonedAlot himself.

    I've already explained how trading while stoned is done. The more interesting side of it is the metaphysical- the becoming " one " with the market. The constant white noise in the background, the flickering screen with supposed new information all the time, all the nuances of everything you take in on the market rests somewhere in the back of your brain. The trouble is the ability to call that info forward when needed. The market is full of inputs some are psychological of course and the market tilts in response to surges in greed and fear. Greed and fear are picked up several times faster when stoned. So that is why one can " feel " corrections coming as one puts in the years. Another thing is to be contrarian. Basically, any time everyone says the same thing you must do the opposite and you will do very well. This us hard to do when you weigh the Masters degrees and elevated mental status of those telling you what to do. On Pot it's much easier to tell someone seriously professional that you do not agree... It takes a devil me care attitude that's tough to attain when money is involved... By accident I came across a couple little baggies of white a few weeks ago. I tried it in trading hours. HUGE mistake. These coked up boys are up and down the street, I don't know how they do it. It sure didn't help that the market was free falling at the time but definitely white is not the way to go. Helps get the laundry folded though. Over and over. perfect folds.
    Never tried Acid I had a phobia about pills and licks, a phobia I overcame between 87 and 97 with Ecstasy-- Trading On E... that's the real mountain to climb. Imagine so falling in love with your portfolio... Kids, don't try any of this, but honestly The pure E... no better drug has ever been made by man.... ~ stoney
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