Trading on Acid

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NYOBScalper, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. If you OD while trading...
    IB will auto-close any positions that might result in a margin call.
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  2. Joab


    Ok this is officially the craziest thread I've seen on ET. :confused:
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  3. I'll second that.

    The closest thing to swerving off the straight path for me would be to consume orange juice from concentrate instead of the pure stuff.

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  5. "trend spotted"....laughing
    "trend looks good".....laughing harder
    "fucking trend out of control"......laughing while pissing
    "fucking trend has left me for 10 points".......laughing, pissing, crying.
    "Damn, just the windows XP loading screen"
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  6. It seems a lot of you guys are from the good old days when one hit put you in outerspace...

    Nowadays, one hit of watered down 2007 NYC acid won't even give visuals... you really need 2-3 and that's for more minimal visual effects.

    1 Hit is more of the enlightened trippy state where the world seems magical but hallucinations are kept to a minimum and extreme emotions can be relatively easily dealt with. Perfect for trading... I'll try it next week.
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  7. ya i bet it would be fun to trade on some dose. I ran into some real good dose about a month ago, wouldn't have wanted to trade though. back in the glory days i stayed up many a nights on c and tried to trade the next day, some horrible horrible fucking times. glad those days are over!!
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  8. That I can imagine would be horrible. But... did you ever trade while still tripping?
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  9. arbat


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  10. Razor

    Razor peops are nuts....I would probably pay $9.95 or so to watch someone online get really tripped out on acid and trade their real account......what is this world coming to I don't know but paying money to watch this; although sounding messed up, would probably be hilarious and laughter is one the world's most enjoyable simple pleasures.....let us know :D

    ROFL....nuts I tell ya ! :D
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