Trading on Acid

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NYOBScalper, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. what about dropping an 8ball in the morning, try that yet?
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  3. Try some shrooms, it's organic so don't panic! :D Careful bud, I don't want to hear about an account blow up and then a suicide OD. :)
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  4. Isn't that Tymothy Leary, Mr LSD himself?
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  5. :) :) :) :) :) :)

    I'm more of an 8-ball guy and uppers guy. I usually drink a pot off coffee straight to my dome in the morning to get juiced up. Haven't blown lines in awhile...gets too expensive.

    Drinking and trading/gambling has been bad for me. Especially blackjack tables at the Borgota. You break out the purple or orange chips and get too cocky.

    Shrooms or acid, I would probably wonder off and not be focused on trading. Would end up zoning out and listen to music. I haven't tripped since college. Never liked it too much which is a good thing.
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  6. The furthest I got was reading Thus Spake Zarathustra on the purple stuff.

    I suggest you avoid it and try something simple like st. johns wort or shrooms or a nice cuban coffee.
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  7. xxxskier

    xxxskier Guest

    i gave up coffe a long time ago because i found the buzz from the caffiene to be jittery. then i switched to black tea which i liked better.

    now i've moved on to herbs....ginkobiloba, yerba matte, guarna, and various types of ginseng, and other herbs....but no smoking during trading.

    i could definitley see how acid or shrooms taken when not trading could have benefical effects.

    more then once i've looked at a chart when altered some how, and saw something i didn;t see before...and later (when not altered) acted on it for a profit. this is not a regaular practice of mine, but occasionally if i'm really stumped i find a little neuro alteration can be helpful.
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  8. fuzzymath


    My guess is you will either become overly focused on one thing and continuely second guess yourself or wander about endlessly never able to settle on one thing.

    Hour 2 will be very different from hour 6. Will you consider it as part of the same experiment?
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  9. Trading on acid?

    Ah, yes - it is beautiful ... until,

    You remember the time you were walking through the mall and you glanced at a skantily clad 22 year old woman ... Your wife or girlfriend (or sheep friend, for you rural guys) catches you and gives you an angry look.

    You feel guilty.

    While trading on acid, you randomly reflect upon this guilt while admiring your massive profits ...

    Rats and Gerbils come jumping out of your trading screens. They overwhelm you and take you to the floor. They are joined by Pink Ferrets. They are biting you - tearing into your flesh .... yet, you find yourself ... curiously aroused !!!

    You wallow in this painfully confusing pleasure until five minutes after the market closes. It is only THEN that you realize that you forgot to put in a critical sell-stop - a mistake which allows your massive profits to become massive losses ...

    I guess what I'm saying is, ... TRY IT !!!

    IT'S A BLAST !!!!
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  10. maxpi


    Reading Jack Hershey posts has the same effect for me :D

    I was taking acid when it was still legal... it might have been more powerful than the current stuff... supposedly it was from Sandoz. I can't recall being able to identify things in the room, paintings would change their subject matter, wonderful music would play but when I asked people who the entertainers were they would laugh, there weren't any, I saw primeval forests once with dinosaurs.... in somebody's living room... all that was off one hit.. I can't imagine trading, or giving a rat's ass about money really, on that stuff... What I would give for a flashback right now :D
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