Trading on Acid

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  1. Anyone ever try it? Obviously you don't want to take more than a tab or two so you don't get crazy color hallucinations that keep you from being able to see your charts/TAS/LII... but I would imagine it would make it easy to be in the zone and harder to lose emotional control without having an awareness of it (thus losing control while trading and tripping would likely yield the trader insight). I'll be trying this sometime in the next few weeks.

    My previous tests have concluded:

    High on pot, my results can be erratic, as both my record winning and record losing days were while I was high (in succession, too... luckily the winning day was higher than the loser).

    Alcohol=overconfidence and recklnessness, while also fearless in winning trades (not a great tradeoff to me)...

    Amphetamines = more focus, more itchy trigger finger, more likely to get pissed off and revenge trade and obsess over the need to get revenge in a single stock.

    Obviously if tripping on acid while trading works, it's not something that can be done more than once every two weeks or once a month, but it could be very therapeutic and enlightening... I'll report back on the results in this thread. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this.
  2. Let us know if you OD!
  3. Ill stick to healthy organic food snacks and a flavoured oxygen can.
  4. "Obviously if tripping on acid while trading works"

    Don't be shy, if it works "Acid" will be reclassified as a "neuroceutical" and the subject is (drum roll) NeuroFinance.
  5. Tune in, turn on, leverage out.


    I wouldn't worry too much about getting the colors on your charts mixed up. It's when you don't like the taste of the MACD and you're convinced that you need to have an orgasm in order to execute each trade that you might be in trouble...
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    You should try going on "three-way" - trip some acid, then get stoned, and balance it out with a 12'er of New Castles. Your P&L will be positive for sure! Tell us how you do!
  7. I think the guy in the pix is a Crip.
  8. I once tasted the color red.

    That was right before I smelled a stop light
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    While NYOBScalper contemplates trading on acid ....

    Somewhere in Washington D.C., Ben Bernanke is thinking ... "Hey, maybe I should make the next interest rate decision ON ACID !!! ..." as he holds otherwise inconspicous, yet "special" cubes of sugar in his hand ....

    And Fuck You, NUTMEG ... That man is NOT A CRIP !

    HE IS MY FATHER !!!!

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    Booze and the Perfect Game

    (idea) by generic-man (6.4 d) (print) ? Thu Feb 27 2003 at 20:29:14

    In his upcoming autobiography, New York Yankees pitcher David Wells tells readers that he was "half-drunk" when he threw a perfect game in 1998. The perfect game, a very rare event in Major League Baseball, was the first by a Yankees pitcher since Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series.

    In his book Perfect I'm Not! Boomer on Beer, Brawls, Backaches and Baseball due out April 1, 2003, Wells admits his guilt: "As of this writing, 15 men in the history of organized baseball have ever thrown a perfect game. Only one of those men did it half-drunk, with bloodshot eyes, monster breath and a raging, skull-rattling hangover. That would be me." (Source: AP news article cited below)

    According to the book and an Associated Press report on it, Wells wrote that he only got an hour of sleep before waking at 6:00 AM on game day. Previous press reports suggested that he had three hours of sleep. Earlier, he spent much of his early morning hours at a cast party for Saturday Night Live, getting heavily intoxicated.

    Before the much-publicized perfect game, Wells was inconsistent in his warm-ups. He had bad control and even threw a ball into the stands in disgust. However, by the first pitch, he had "fortified himself with caffeine and aspirin," and gained the composure to do what few men in baseball history have ever accomplished.

    Wells is one of a few baseball players to perform well under the influence of controlled substances. In 1970, Dock Ellis famously pitched a no-hitter under the influence of LSD -- Wells recalled this event as he reminisced in his autobiography. According to the AP, Mickey Mantle was called up to pinch hit in 1963 while experiencing a hangover; he claimed to have seen three balls coming at him. He swung at the middle one and hit a home run.

    Jeez dont you people know Tim Leary when u see him :confused:
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