Trading on a Higher Power

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  1. what ever happened to my thread which explored the possibility of setting up a trading strategy based on the belief in God?
    Did I say something wrong?

    Is it offensive to imply that a belief in God may be a psychological condition?

    Ok, how bout I disguise the word "God" and substitute it with the word "Higher Power" like they do at Alcoholics Anonymous? (how would I know about that?)

    Is it possible to devise a trading system based on the belief that,

    There is a God and He is Good?
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    Though gambling is not allowed and God not welcome it, and...if we are agree that trading is not gambling and we want to make money to help others,then Himself may descend to give a chance to some of us.
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    Hah..don`t cheat the system.Want to rely on God`s mercy,huh?You should work harder!Yes,there such thing as God`s mercy and you could be anything you want if He noticed you.BUT,you shouldn`t think so.Work harder!Ahimsa,don`t eat meat,no alcohol or narcotics,no sex,except to produce children,chant mantras.How about that?And then may be,MAY BE or may not(still no guarantee)you`ll be able to design a trading system!
  4. Yes it is possible, but difficult to backtest :D .

    But if God were trading, it would be like him playing golf.

    "God and St. Peter were playing golf one day. St. Peter teed his
    ball up and hit it. It was a real nice shot about three hundred
    yards down the fairway.

    Then God teed his ball up. He took a big swing and hit it.

    At first it looked like a real nice shot. Then all of a sudden,
    it hooked and started for the woods. Just before it went into the
    woods, a bird flew out and grabbed the ball and flew over the
    water trap and let it go.

    Just before it went into the water, a turtle surfaced. The ball
    landed on it's back as he swam to the shore. Just as the turtle
    got to the shore, a squirrel ran out of the woods and grabbed the
    ball. Then the squirrel ran up on the green and dropped the ball
    in the cup.

    St. Peter turned to God and said, "Are we gonna play golf, or are
    you gonna fuck around!!"
  5. Trading on a higher power...

    i would say maybe somebody has been inhaling too much church incense....
  6. it's a well known fact that pot inhances the trading experience. Not enough has been written on the untold damage to a trading account that unbridled paranoia can do.

    But I wasn't talking about pot.

    I was talking about believing in God.

    Apparently that is off limits if you got a bullshit degree in Psychology, which actually one of my daughters has.
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    oldtime are you on heavy drugs?
    Trading is all about being rational, belief in god is entirely irrational.
  8. yes, see that's what I know, it is entirely irrational, and yes I do like pot even though I don't smoke it anymore, but how would believing in him change your trading plan? That is what I am working on.
  9. Does a Higher Power really make sure certain people win an Oscar award?
    Seriously, is this the same thinking/belief being applied to trading.
  10. I'll get back to you, first I have to complain
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