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    I'm about to start development on a trading application which will run on PDAs (Pocket PC), with support for level 1/2 quotes, options, equities, futures, forex and multiple brokers. It will work through a 3G cellular data connection (EV-DO or EDGE), wifi, bluetooth or activesync and be "always on".

    Does anybody have any suggestions or comments on features, and would anybody actually use this?

  2. I think PDA-trading has good potential, but have searched without success for a unit that will last. I've got the hp 6515 for the last year now, but batteries are a joke. Have had my hopes up for the Origami-project, but so far it doesn't quite seem to deliver on it's ambitions.

    Good luck with the project, and if anyone can suggest a unit that supports Edge/3G, supports either Windows Mobile or Symbian and has batteries lasting at least 4-5 hours whilst connected, I'd be very interested.
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    Any suggestions?

    Yes. Do not use JAVA. And do not use .net code.

    Most PDA's do not have that much free ram available. Keep your code tight and fast.
  4. Your best-bet is a DOM front-end for IB. I don't see the efficacy of a lot of features with fonts so small as to be illegible. Futures traders are your primary market, not stock traders. All of the intraday share traders I know keep at least 4 monitors on their desktop. You're going to satisfy them with a 2.5" x 4" screen? In any event, you can trade anything from a DOM-interface. Anything else simply won't sell. was coding a nice DOM for IB, but it was apparently vaporware.
  5. Mo lives in a grass-hut in Fiji... he's hardly an average user.
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    I've done it but since my broker Ib severely limits the type of orders available it was too restrictive.

    I bought a tablet pc and use an aircard now.

    Can't wait for broadband cellular in my area.
  7. Interesting. Were they proxying data/orders via a local (user) machine, centralized server or direct to IB?
  8. Yes, I live in accomodation you can smoke. :D
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