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  1. Hi. I've never had a blackberry or PDA. I am going to be out of the office for much of this summer and was hoping I wouldn't have to close all my positions because I wouldn't able to access my trading account.
    Is it possible to use quotetrek or something to trade an IB account from a PDA? All I can find on their websites is stuff on charting, not trading. From my point of view, what's the sense in having all these charts on the go if you can't do anything about it?
  2. I agree that PDA charting is useless without a trading interface. IB and TOS offer web-access. The 87xx series work well with both provided you're on a BES. I own an 87xx series BB as well as a WinMobile PPC6700. Both work well with IB and TOS.
  3. I use a PDA smartphone and/or my UMPC when I'm away from my workstation. I log on to it via a remote service. I have alerts sent to the PDA/UMPC from my trading systems should anything of interest happen. Works fine.
  4. BES stands for?


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    Anyone use them with Optionxpress ?
  6. Blackberry Enterprise Server.
  7. thanks for the help. I am a total newbie with this stuff, though and have some more questions. Is verizon the only company that works with these devices? Also, if I'm logged into my trading account, will it be secure? Is there something I can do to make it secure?
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    Is trading from a Blackberry even practical?
  9. yes, the idea is that you can go on vacation/out to lunch or whatever and not have to liquidate all your positions. I wouldn't want to daytrade on it. I also wouldn't use it mostly for entering trades, but to monitor existing positions, and if something unfavorable develops, exiting the position.
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    I have a Nokia E61 that works fine with Interactive Brokers webtrader.

    Usefull mobile websites


    Anybody got any others?
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