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  1. I have been an equity trader around 10 years and a long time lurker on these boards. I used to trade at Swift as a retailer until 2002. Since then I have been on my own trading remote from a home office.I really need a change of environment and am desperately seeking interaction. Are there any offices in Toronto where several remote traders work from the same place? I would even be willing to join bank or prop firm, just to get me around people again.

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    Hey seekingcompany,

    I experienced something very similar. Started at Swift when they were originally on Richmond Street in 1998 as a retailer.
    When they closed retail, I too was alone for a couple years. Although I went back to an office for a different reason, it has been like a breath of fresh air having the interaction which I was lacking for a long time.
    I would also be interested to find out if there are any groups of retail traders who work out of one location anywhere in Toronto or north of Toronto. Feel free to PM if you want.

  3. Now if you could only hit a golf ball:p :p :p
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    Are you the same person who made just ANOTHER excuse this past week when asked to play a round?
    Why are you so afraid?

  5. I am also an old swift trader....and would like to find an office to trade at again.....miss the trading floor.....looks like we may have to open one for all the remote traders out there that need some interaction with other traders
  6. Ask if anyone is leasing space here.
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    Id stay away from that office. Doesn't it come with some black history....?
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    Anyone care to shed some light on this office?
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  10. It looks like mmmarkus and cool trader78 may have interest. Is there anyon else.
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