Trading Office/Coaching/Mentoring in Poland

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  1. Hello. I am a 20 year professional equity trader living in Wroclaw, Poland. I am looking to rent an office this spring here in Wroclaw, and I invite any traders looking for a place to trade, share ideas, and improve as traders. I also dabble in crypto and options also, but the office is open to any traders, regardless of their level. I am happy to help any traders if I can. I'm not trying to profit off of this, just want an office to trade from and surround myself with other hungry traders. Wroclaw is a great place to trade from, its a nice city, and its cheap to live in. Please message me if you are interested
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    In fact I would love to know more about what your doing and how is your internet connection etc. Please ping CME and NYSE and see what the times are. I am looking to establish and trading office outside the US and have been thinking of Poland for a long time. I am a small arms collector and have been buying out of Poland for decades so again I am very interested.

    However you must have decent infrastructure because without it, it's not possible to compete without colocation. Also check the ping times to DAX and feel free to PM me or post here with details.
  3. I don't have office yet, figuring out what size I need. Internet speeds are generally very fast here, I have traded here for last 8 years with no problems
  4. This should give you a quick estimate (if you haven't checked such a service already). Think ~120ms
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    yea after i post that i did check it from texas and got the same as you currently to chi i am always sub 10ms.

    what i would really like to see is his ping to dax and chi from there. even 120's is not a deal killer thou