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  1. The hydraulics of my 10-yr old Herman Miller Equa 2 chair seemed to have broken down, so I went looking for a replacement. Thought I'd gladly buy another one of these if they were still made... but not. (Amazingly, the seat, back, and arm rests show virtually no wear after 10 years of daily use. Turns out, only needed a new gas cylinder... $40, and 5-minutes. Replaced that and likely good-to-go for several more years.)

    Online search found several places to buy them used or reconditioned... for ~$200, including shipping. Some even "refurbished with 5-yr warranty".

    This chair when a new model cost ~$1,000. Even won an industry "Design Of The Year" award.

    For ~$200, can't be beat. Very comfortable and durable. Do a Froogle search if interested.

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  2. I have an HM Aeron I bought in 2007 for $850.00. I was having some problems with it in 2012 so I made a call and not too long afterwards a warranty van pulled up to the house, fixed it and replaced the mesh on the seat all for no cost to me. One of the best "tools for the job" I have ever bought and the thing is still going strong and very comfortable in 2018.
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  3. Some reviewers have complained about the "hard rim" around the mesh seat. The Equa 2 has a padded seat, so doesn't have that issue.

    The Aeron is no longer "king of the mountain" (though still a very good choice)... Aeron and Equa were "tops" in their day.
  4. What's that, "race car" trading? I'll bet they win all of the "office chair races".

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    X-chair for me, combined with an Upliftin desk. Highly recommend both
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    Jeez. I thought I was going exotic, from a standard-if-antique oak swivel desk chair, to a Sams Club special ($99!) with the faux suede on the not-so-cushioned-anymore arms. I'd love to replace it, but every time I think about it, I think, "Really? Why, again?" and I can't bring myself to do it. :rolleyes: I'm real picky about chairs, too -- come to think about it. But this one is just damn comfy.
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    I just throw some of those beads you see in Taxi cabs on a walmart complaints from me. Nothing like a beaded seat!

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