trading off Wall street journal front page

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. silk


    It seems like there is alot of money to be made just trading off the front page headlines.

    Front page today talked about weakness at investment banks, LEH layoffs expected, ect. ect. Also big story on improper ipo grants. Selling the brokers off the open was probably the easiest and most profitable trade of the day.

    I'm sure this strategy frequently fails, but i wonder if you can make more than you lose just going with the flow off the front page of the journal.

    P.S. Unfortunately i left my Journal on the counter this morning. Had to wait until i got home from trading to read it. LOL.
  2. Pabst


    More often a fade than a trade.
  3. hedgez


    buy the rumor, sell the news.

    -one of the oldest adages on wall st.
  4. silk


    Also, first story off today's WSJ was regarding the Airlines. Check how much you would have made shorting first print on AMR, DAL, and BA.
  5. gappage.