trading off Analyst Research

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Roaso, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Interested to see how many people here trade off of intraday analyst research notes. How many of you have access to real time research from various firms ? Are there any firms that a lot of traders seems to have access to for some reason or another. What platform do you use to access your research (Bloom, Thomone, CapIQ, Fctst etc) and anything else analyst research related.

    Hey- how many of you use Fly Radio (fly on the wall) - I never have, but just saw wondered how it compares to tradethenews audio I find fly faster at getting the broker ratings out than most, but wondering how much faster i s the audio than text (tried to use it about a year ago, but wouldn't run on my computer for some reason).

    Any other thoughts on research related trading, other news services you use or find useful, also Dealreporter -Any one get Dealreporter who is not part of a firm ? How much do you pay (80K?)
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    anyone out there ? Any professional traders or Bside/HF types here that understand the above ? Anyone who deals with firms and can offer insight into obtaining their research etc ?