trading off a 1 min chart

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 3121, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. 3121


    is there anyone here that can make $ trading off an ES or YM 1 min chart?

    don't be shy

    i want to hear from YOU
  2. if you do, it will be from people that blew their accounts. Anyone who trades that small a TF will do so with at least 250 tick bars.
  3. 3121


    i'm doing it just wondered who else is
  4. mounafia


    I trade forex off the 30 secondes chart in oanda.

    some day it is great...some other it's sucks..I am still working in the regularity
  5. lindq


    You've probably heard the oft-quoted statistic that 95% of traders fail.

    And I'll estimate that 95% of those failures are due to new traders trying to trade noise.
  6. lol ya, but hey isnt that the American dream? Make a million by next friday? :D
  7. 3121


    there is INFORMATION contained in every tick..

    ONE MIN is a LOT of ticks

    assuming that what is it that you call 'noise'?

    or, put differently "what ISN'T noise?"
  8. Lucrum


    Select "File"
    then "Print"

    then hang on bulletin board.
  9. Shagi


    You can make a quick dollar but its not consistent YOU WILL LOSE MONEY IN THE LONG RUN
  10. Nexen


    Then stay put and protect your edge, anyone that can make consistent money off a 1 min chart has a tremendous edge.
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