Trading OEX options

Discussion in 'Options' started by anugrahtex, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Does anyone trading OEX options ETF ....?
    what do you think since its a good in volume and have a good daily range.

    If we compare OEX with QQQQ, which one you will choose.

  2. QQQQ, no question.
  3. ssss


    Low spread programm today work for qqqq,iwm,dia,spy,smh

    alsov for stock options as fcx,rimm,nyx,intc,csco,cat ,mot &

    iwm some strike canhave volume 30-50 k per day with

    b-a 0.99-1

    DIA ,QQQQ conzetrated index ,

    iwm ,spy not

    Depend from situation . OEF options liquidity is low