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  1. So is it true that in a prop account you cannot trade odd lots? I am reading my firms agreement but i am not sure i understand it right.

    I am asking because in my systems i am using fixed fractional scheme for trade alloacation and it seems to be slightly more profitable than trading lot sizes in 100s.

    Also does anyone know if i can setup a ladder in Sterling? (just too used to trading on a ladder for ES and find it hard to not trade without it; specially intraday)

  2. We can trade in shares above 100, but not enter new trades for less than 100 shares.

    We set our pairs so that the first side is 100, and that the other side is the larger size, 150 for example.

    150 order ok, 50 share order not ok.


  3. some places allow it but the clearing firms are asking up front for explanations on why you need it for your strategy before unlocking it. that's what I've been told anyway.
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    I've been looking for prop firm that allow trading odd lot also. I have strategy that work with prop firm but required me to trade using smaller share lot. Minus platform fee and commission, on paper, I'm profit almost everyday and on the bad day, I'm not blow-up my account.

    For day trade with prop firm the only way you can profit is using odd lot or you blow up your account with few bad trade. There are more trader losing money then one that made it. Don't believed for second that you can win trading 100 shares lot...The Game Has Been Rigged!!!!
  5. Are you the guy who keeps filling me in 12 share lots?