Trading NYSE from Russia ? Are there going to be (2-3seconds) delays ?

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  1. Hi !
    I am currently living in the US, though I am going to move to Russia in September.
    Is it possible to day trade NYSE from Russia ?
    Are there going to be (2-3seconds) delays in data feed because of the distance ?

    Thank you..
  2. Its more likely to be 0.1-0.2 seconds 1 way delay if you can get a decent internet connection.
  3. Internet connection is going to be DSL, though I will be in the middle of the country not in the Western part and not in the Eastern, which makes it even further away from the US.

    Is 0.1-0.2 seconds 1 way delay significant ?
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    If you're doing automated trading, it could be, depending on your strategy. Otherwise, it shouldn't be an issue.

  5. no I am not doing automated trading, just regular
  6. Ditch


    Are you sure it will be DSL, cause in large parts of the country it's not available at all.
  7. I know it is still pain in the neck with the high speed internet in most parts of the country.

    Well in Moscow and St. Petersburg right now things are ok with it:
    For $25 a month you get unlimited at the speed 320/128 (in/out traffic).

    The speed 320/128 Kbps should be enough for day trading, right ?

    though in the city where I am going it is more expensive, and I am still looking at the plans and prices..
  8. What about satellite internet?
  9. I looked at that option, but it seems with satellite internet your computer will be able to receive data in from satellite, but it wont be able to send data back to satellite, so in this case the outgoing data should go back through DSL or modem.

    It looked a little bit cumbersome to me, though I am still looking at that option as well :)
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    Whether it will be enough depends on several parameters, like the software you're using and the number of stocks and timeframes you're watching, in my experience your connection can get overloaded pretty fast in Russia, you also have to consider backup, because reliablity is likely to be bad. I found that dialup in the West generally is a lot faster than supposedly "high speed internet" in Russia. Satellite internet has an inherent lag to it of about 1 to 2 seconds and when it's raining or snowing it can go down completely.
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