trading NXTP and stocks with no movement

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by pirate, May 8, 2006.

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    Was looking at NXTP today - it's very liquid (2.5 million shares today) and there is no movement (for the last 4 hours of the session the stock went from 28.35-28.36 ad nauseum (1 or 2 brief detours to 28.34 also).

    Got me thinking that you could keep buying and selling for the 1 cent profit (if you buy enough,and do it often enough, the profits would add up - small, but consistent )

    I tried doing so in the last 20 mins today only my order to buy at 28.35 never got filled - obviously too many other orders in front of me.

    Does anyone else trade NXTP, or any similarly acting stock, like this?
  2. lol.......oh just made a every nasdaq Swifttrader (well the ones who wernt already on that stock) will be swarming it looking to credit trade it and all of you that are looking for one tick winners will have alot longer to wait!

    if you find a stock like this....might want to keep it to yourself for as long as possible!

  3. http://www.investor.reuters.wallst....p?rpc=66&ticker=NXTP&timestamp=20051220183900
    * Sprint Nextel Corporation Agrees To Acquire Affiliate Nextel Partners, Inc. For $6.5 Billion-Reuters
    * 2005 Dec 20 | 6:39 PM
    * Reuters reported that Sprint Nextel Corporation has agreed to purchase its wireless affiliate, Nextel Partners Inc. for $6.5 billion, or $28.50 a share. The transaction would give Nextel Partners holders a premium of about 8% to Monday's closing price of $26.32 a share on the Nasdaq Stock Market.
  4. Or you can learn how to trade and not worry about .01 cent "moves".