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  1. Hello,

    Monday is my first day as a prop trader. I have a ton of trading books but they are the standard bought-at-B&N trading books. No meat to them. I want to really learn the financial markets from the inside out. I understand that experience will teach me but I want to cut down on the learning curve as much as possible.

    What are some good resources (websites, books, anything) on how to learn how the markets work? I mean physically work..what happens when you press the buy or sell button, how ECNs differ from other markets, the advantages of ECNs, how the hybrid system is different from the old system etc. I know its a lot to ask but I would appreciate any suggestions. I have a lot to learn.

    Thank you
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  3. Good Luck!
  4. THanks for the suggestion. This is exactly what I was looking for. Microstructure is the word I was looking for but didn't know it.
  5. Great book. I am using it as a text for part of the semester in the undergraduate course I am teaching on Investing. really gives newbies and those with only a surface understanding of the market an in depth description of how the markets work, what are the different types of markets, how orders are placed and filled be it through NYSE or NAZ/ECNs, different players in the market, etc..

    Tons of interesting sidebars as well.