Trading NQ With Simplified SCT

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Joe Doaks, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. System netted 30.39 NQ points today. Channels, volume, and Gaussians not shown for clarity. Times Pacific. Will post results each day. Anyone else trading NQ with pure SCT or a derivative is encouraged to post results. Attempted to share this with ET in Journals but not welcome there. Apologies in advance to Vikana and Tums.
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  2. Nice trading Mr. Doaks.

    I hope Jack puts a little into this thread. 1200, nice price for weeks now, the simple rule of 25 works well for the NQ.

  3. Thank you, Dackster. It is not east being an SCT trader here. But what is the "rule of 25", please?

  4. Ah! Seriously, it's all in the numbers, look at the chart, the market surely has no memory, or maybe the participants have number fetishes?

  5. Ah, yes, now don't I see. An optical delusion, like channels and guasians.
  6. A literal interpretation of SCT leads one to construct the twelve systems depicted in the attachment. As you can see, only three of them worked Friday. But miraculously, mirabile dictu!, they all work in the ensemble. Such is Jack's genius! And lest you be tempted to think this post a jest, why would I go to the trouble to code up twelve systems as a joke?
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  7. Jack is nonetheless a buggy whip maker... I can reduce all that to two systems, two!! One deals with price signals when volume is stable, the other one overrides when volume rises... piece of cake... no channels either, jeez I hate that channel garbage, capturing the trend on one bar interval and the volatility on another, undefined bar interval in two swell foops.. well, for godz sake, unbundle that mess, trade one or the other.... I finished all the research months ago on this.. and then I went into a mental collapse, it was a lot of intense s&^t... took years... too.. I'm almost back to my old self and willing to go on and code things up, I had a lot to deal with here, a relative died, we cleaned up his horribly messed up finances and property, we moved.. I got out of work [yessss!!], we had an election... everybody that knows and loves me for what I am will know when it's all working because I won't post here anymore, same as all the other profitable people :D
  8. That's very intersting Joe.

    I have one system that worked perfectly last Friday and most definitely would have kept you out of the chop and on the right side of the market - as Jack always says, but SCT never does. :p

    My system is simple and profitable, unlike all the rest of you. :)

  9. That's the paradox Joe, you have simplfied SCT, it's not supposed to be simplified, otherwise the bootcamp students have no perspective. At least with SCT the students can fail with a perspective (right or wrong), it gives them an psuedo incentive to refine.....don't take it away from them, leave the poor little puppies alone, you are just confusing them.

  10. LOL, so true.
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