Trading now taught in many Universities

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    A few years ago there was an in-depth message post here at that listed the known 4 year Universities and known Junior Colleges that offered trading courses and/or had trading rooms where students can trade.

    If I remember correctly, there was about 15 school names on that list and some of them well known. That was several years ago...I'm now curious if there are more Universities today offering trading courses and/or have setup trading rooms for students.

    The list was posted by a grad student in economics.

  3. Even if a school has some course about trading, I think that means very little as far as getting someone to be profitable. I wish any new person luck, but will they be able to take the losses, work through the scamming brokers and be able to come out on top?
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    I believe Tulane has one of the best. I think Paul Tudor Jones funded that one if my memory serves me correct.
  6. Isn't tim Sykes a product of that school/ Tudor program?
  7. Tulane and Univ. of Houston both have mock floors and competitions sponsored by Nymex/CME I think.
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    Yeah he is.
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    The failure rate of businesses I believe is upwards to 80% in 5 years(or something like that). Yet business degress and MBAs are taught everywhere. A trading course might get a talented trader a faster path towards contacts, capital, technical skills(like how to work a Bloomberg terminal), etc
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    You need a PhD to know how to navigate the codes of a bloomberg terminal. :D

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