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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by alisa, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. alisa


    I don't know whether I'm bored or the market is slow or what but I wouldn't mind a pair of fresh eyes to look for setups. Anyone know of any great newsletters that fill these conditions.

    1) not too expensive
    2) technical analysis only
    3) short term trades

    Thanks. And if there's another older thread that discusses this my bad, just give me the post.
  2. You might try John Carter's newsletters at

    He's an honest guy and takes the trades in the newsletter in his own accounts.

  3. alisa


    Thanks -- looks like mostly futures and forex though -- i'm looking for pure play stocks
  4. i find this Trading Newsletter to be one of the best. Also if you do a google search you will find a bunch. Its all on wich industry you are interested in.